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The 150W LED high bay light is characterized by its good heat dissipation, safe use, corrosion resistant, as well as high temperature and vibration resistance. It has good heat dissipation because of the separated lamp housing and electronic components protective housing. It is safe to use because there is a protective chain to prevent the LED high bay from falling down when hanging installed. It is corrosion resistant thanks to its rust resistant accessories. It is resistant to high temperature and vibration, due to its rational light transmitting cover fixation and sealing. Due to these characteristics, the LED light has been widely used for indoor lighting in places such as workshops, supermarkets, gas stations, warehouses, and stadiums.

The 150W LED high bay uses LEDs as its light source without these defects of heat deposition, lumen depreciation, filament burnout, etc. It also can work under a wide range of voltage and has lifespan between 60,000 and 100,000 hours, 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs. LEDs are fully encapsulated by ethoxyline resin, much stronger than normal bulbs or fluorescent lamps. For this reason, the LED high bay light cannot be easily damaged by external shock.

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