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60W LED High Bay 60W LED High Bay

1. The 60W LED high bay comes with a newly developed, multi-sheet heat sink design, which provides improved heat dissipation, and fashion appearance. Its maximum diameter is 350mm and total height is of 286mm.
2. The special designs for the connection wire outlets makes sure the product is water and dust proof, and can also prevent scratching on the wire to assure safety.
3. Scientifically designed bottom light cover secure and sealing system, allows the LED light to withstand higher temperatures and vibrations.
4. The proper distance between the lamp housing and the electrical components protective housing assures optimized heat dissipation and extended service life for the both parts.
5. Our 60W LED high bay lights adopts rustless accessories to assure long term use.

Input voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Light base: E39 /hook

Model No. Power Voltage Color Luminous Flux (lm )LED Brand CRI (Ra )Beam Angle Power Factor Light Base
HLD430 60W 110/220VAC 50/60Hz Warm white Natural white Cool white 6000 Epistar / Bridgelux ≥80 60/100 ° ≥0.9 E39
350mm 286mm

In order to assure pendant mounting safety, the product includes an additional protective chain. Meanwhile, its special structure design also assures easy assembly and disassembly, ensuring convenient and low cost transportation. With long service life, low maintenance and energy efficiency, the LED lighting product can be used in factory workshops, warehouses, stadiums, supermarkets, and many other indoor lighting applications.

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