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Due to high quality light source, the 40W induction ceiling light requires low maintenance, and is energy efficient. Its light source service life is up to 100,000 hours, and its power factor is higher than 0.98. Other parts, including the top lamp housing, and bottom light transmitting cover, are also quality and durable. The lamp housing is made of aluminum material and constructed using die-casting technology. Powder coating for the lamp housing assures superior corrosion resistance. The light transmitting cover is made of PC material and comes with anti-UV function. It comes with aesthetical design, and is ageing resistant. Due to long service life and durability, the induction ceiling light has been widely used for lighting in parking lots, garages, gas stations, and warehouses.


Item No. HLG822
Power 40W
Input voltage 110VAC / 220VAC
Input current 0.33A / 0.18A
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Operation temperature -30 ~ +50℃
Power factor ≥ 0.98

Light Source Parameters

Wattage Luminous Flux (Lm) Efficiency (Lm/w) Color Temperature (K) CRI (Ra) Lumen Maintenance (2000H) (%) Life (H)
40W 2800 75~80 2700~6500 ≥ 80 ≥ 93 100,000

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